ABC ‘730 Report’ story – Crisis in Maths

The 730 Report on Friday 24th January ran a story highlighting the concerns of many scientists, teachers and academics that the decline in the number of students studying maths will have damaging, long-term consequences for Australia.  The Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb, appealed to all sectors to collaborate – teachers, businesses, universities and government – to address the problem.


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2 responses to “ABC ‘730 Report’ story – Crisis in Maths

  1. Doug Fletcher

    Hi Joann.
    Such a shame that the student who was convinced by a teacher to do advanced maths “because he had the ability” did not provide a real rationale for that choice. I think it is so important to counter the myth that “doing easier maths will get you a higher ATAR” but this opportunity wasn’t taken either. Still, it is good to see the problem get a constructive airing. Also good to see Ian Chubb mention the culpability of universities (though he put it more mildly than that) that have abandoned prerequisites, thereby sending out the message that maths isn’t really needed in high school.

  2. Thanks for your comment Doug. I think a big part of the problem is communicating the need to do advanced mathematics to students and teachers.

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