ACSME Discipline Day presentations

The maths discipline day at ACSME this year featured presentations by Mary Coupland on ways of presenting mathematics visually (UTS) and Michael Jennings on progress in implementing the GetSet diagnostic test in other institutions (UQ).  Cristina Varsavsky (Monash) launched the mathsassess project guide and Deb King (UniMelb) provided an update on the progress of the FYiMaths project and plans to build on the foundations of the network in the future.

The session this year was attended by over 40 participants, quite a few more than expected by organisers! The morning session focussed on presentations and indications are that in future more time is needed for networking. This and the growth in number of presentations relating to mathematics at ACSME (17 this year), indicates an active and developing community of interest.

ACSME provides a valuable forum for mathematicians to connect with academics in the other sciences, particularly in light of concerns regarding the quantitative skills development of many science students.  Next year ACSME will be held at Curtin University, in Perth, in Sept/October 2015.

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