AAEE Conference, 7-9 December. Abstract submission closes 12 June.

7-9 December, 2015 Australasian Association of Engineering Education (AAEE), Torquay, Victoria. 

The annual AAEE Conference is one of the largest gatherings of engineering educators in Australasia, bringing together delegates to discuss engineering education research and best practice. The call for submissions is now open and closes Friday 12th June 2015.

The proposed theme for the AAEE2015 conference is “Blended Design and Project Based Learning: a future for engineering education”. We invite the AAEE community to enter into a dialogue about the future of engineering education within design/project-based and blended learning. With more students working full-time and with reduced ability to be on campus, the conference is set to answer questions such as:

Can we create a design/project based learning environment to suit all students?
What technologies are right to use?
What types of learning spaces are required?
How can we best engage the engineering student?
Can we bring education to the student?

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