PhD Student in Biological Mathematics @ AgResearch, Hamilton, NZ

AgResearch is seeking a PhD candidate who is an enthusiastic learner and has demonstrated academic excellence across disciplines to undertake research modelling the effects of the commensal microbiota and nutrition on the development of the human gut. The metabolic activities of the microbiome shape this ecosystem and influence the human host systemically, and hence are essential functions related to human digestion and health. Modelling provides an opportunity to bridge knowledge from multiple disciplines to explore hypothesis and determine mechanisms of action. Model development and validation will require a combination of computational approaches including ordinary and partial differential equations.

The three year studentship will be undertaken within the Food Nutrition & Health team at AgResearch Ruakura in Hamilton, New Zealand. The project is funded by the Riddet Centre of Research Excellence. Appointment will be subject to successful enrolment with Massey University (Palmerston North) as a PhD student.

More information here.

Applications close 15 November 2016.

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