16 Nov 2016: UTS Science in Focus @ UTS, Sydney

Big Data and the Paradox of Probability

The age of big data is here! Join us for this free TED-Style talk as two UTS mathematicians provide insights into how big data is impacting our lives.

Big Data: The Future is Here with Prof Anthony Dooley

Have you ever wondered, when Coles or Woolworths email you their weekly specials, how they know what’s on your shopping list? Is this a coincidence or pure luck?

Neither I’m afraid. It’s a clever use of information and understanding of big data by businesses who want to better target their customers’ buying behaviours.

But what is big data? What information is being collected? Is it secure? How can understanding data help solve problems? Or is data controlling our lives?

Join Professor Anthony Dooley, as he helps us makes sense of big data. Professor Dooley is passionate about communicating the usefulness and importance of mathematics to the public, and believes that mathematics can help us better understand the almost infinite amount of digital data around us.

The Paradox of Probability with Dr Stephen Woodcock

Barely a week passes without seeing a headline proclaiming that some common food or behaviour is either associated with an increased or decreased health risk, or often both, in contradictory reports.

How can it be that seemingly rigorous scientific studies can produce the exact opposite conclusions?

In this talk, Dr Stephen Woodcock takes us through some ‘probability paradoxes’ explaining how surprising, counterintuitive and often misleading results can arise.

Dr Woodcock is an applied mathematician whose research is motivated by a drive to develop solutions and models for solving real problems in both natural and engineered systems.

 Wednesday 16 November 2016
Location: UTS University Hall, Building 4, Level 3, Room 623 (map)
Time: 6:00pm
RSVP: Tuesday 15 November 2016. Registration essential.

For more information email: science@uts.edu.au

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