25 Nov – 2 Dec 2016: MELT workshops in each state: Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching

Would you like graduates of your programs to have developed deep understandings of subject matter and research or problem solving mindedness? Do you want to foreground critical thinking and use technology to support its development, not have technology drive the agenda? How can you help students to connect together the skills associated with problem solving, critical thinking, clinical reasoning and researching in ways that enable these skills to mutually reinforce across multiple semesters of a degree?

The MELT workshop on the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching will help you address these questions. The MELT reflect and are based on organic adaptations of the Research Skill Development (RSD) framework to numerous other models, including the Work Skill Development framework (for WIL) and Optimising Problem Solving pentagon (made by students for students in Engineering). The workshop facilitates the development of your own MELT that fits your context. Come to one of the state-based events run over the next few months:

Queensland 25 November 2016, University of Queensland
South Australia: 30 November 2016, University of Adelaide
Victoria: 1 December 2016, Monash University
New South Wales: 2 December 2016, University of New South Wales

Events are also being planned in Western Australia, Tasmania and the ACT.

Please register through the links above. If you have any questions, contact John Willison <john.willison@adelaide.edu.au>.

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