Teacher Learning Support Mathematics & Statistics @ JCU, Singapore


Direct Support Tasks

  • Advise students (in person and via email) on the design and analysis of the quantitative aspects of their assignments and research projects
  • Advise staff on the design and statistical analysis of their research studies or other academic – related projects.
  • Propose, develop and deliver statistics – related education programs for students and staff
  • Collaborate with the rest of the learning support team to provide a range of activities specifically designed to improve students’ academic outcome
  • Develop a three – year strategic approach to improve the quantitative literacy of the students and staff

Leadership and Management Tasks

  • Manage and lead a team of academically strong volunteer students for the peer tutoring program of the University.
  • Recruit appropriate peer tutors – assess applications, approve volunteers, and monitor a properly chosen coordinator and the rest of the team to ensure optimal support
  • Liaise with academics to ensure good coordination between the peer – tutoring program of the University and the teaching and support of the lecturers and academic tutors

Planning and Reporting

  • Meet regularly with the Campus Dean to discuss and review the activities of the Learning Support team and the peer tutoring program, ensuring continuous improvement
  • Provide a quarterly activity report to EMG focussing on recommendations for the future

More information here.

Applications close 31 January 2017.

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