17 Mar 2017: Seminar, Di Warren @ UNSW

This week at UNSW there is a Teaching and Learning Seminar at 4pm on Friday 17th March. This is a combined Teaching and Learning and Statistics Seminar. Everyone is welcome, and  encouraged to stay afterwards for discussion with the speaker over wine and cheese.

Speaker: Dr Di Warren, from the University of Sydney
Title: Choose your own adventure: Increasing motivation for Stats Literacy in large first year cohorts
Time and place: 4pm, Friday 17th March, RC-4082. (The Red Centre Building, UNSW)

While a first year Stats course has the potential to be extremely interesting and relevant, students often report the exact opposite, especially in large compulsory service courses.
In order to motivate students, we have introduced a greater emphasis on Stats Literacy, including a collaborative, self-directed assessment, in which students present a report on data of their own choice. This seems to result in better engagement by both students and tutors.
We’ll discuss the challenges, constraints, and lessons, with some exemplars.
Plus a short discussion on the future of Stats tables!

About the speaker:
Di  is overseeing the major relaunch of first year Stats courses at the University of Sydney in 2018, in the context of the new degree architecture. She is passionate about student motivation and engagement through educational innovation. Her most recent project was `Improving Statistical Efficacy through Engaged Enquiry and Student-Driven  Research in a Large First Year Course’ funded by a Strategic Innovation Grant (2015).
Seminar co-coordinator: Diana Combe <diana@unsw.edu.au>

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