Indigenous STEM Education Research Assistant @ CSIRO

The Indigenous STEM Education Project supports pathways that improve the participation and achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics) subjects and consists of six program elements: Inquiry for Indigenous Science Students (I2S2), PRIME Futures, Science Pathways, ASSETS, Indigenous STEM Awards, and Bachelor of Science (Extended). While all programs have internal program monitoring processes, the project also conducts an evaluation of the program elements and the project as a whole, which is  consistent with the project’s Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

As a Research Assistant in this project, you will work under the supervision of the Research Coordinator and closely with Program Leaders.  You will be responsible for key tasks related to the implementation of the evaluation’s mixed methods research approach. This mixed methods approach aims to triangulate data from multiple sources including surveys, case studies, program monitoring data, and jurisdictional data.  You will be required to contribute to the development and implementation of research methods and tools, write ethics and jurisdictional applications, and undertake data analysis, report writing and publication.  This role will involve local and interstate travel, as required.

More information here.

Applications close 18 April 2017.

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