Research-based theatre in educational context @ Melbourne University

This colloquium will address the following key question:

Why create and perform research-based theatre and what is its relevance to education?

Experienced researchers and writers of research-based theatre Richard Sallis and Jane Bird will discuss their work in various educational settings addressing the following key points:

  • How research-based theatre, also known as ‘performed research’ or ‘performance ethnography’, can disseminate formal research findings through an accessible and social form of presentation to a broader community than standard academic outputs;
  • The ways in which theatre performance has the capacity to communicate the findings in cognitive, emotional and embodied ways to various audiences and for differing purposes;
  • How the artistic form of theatre and its conventions are manipulated to engage and focus viewers on the complexities of research findings.

When: Wed 16th August, 5:30-7:00 pm

Where: studioFive, Level 5, Kwong Lee Dow Building, Melbourne University

More information here

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