MELT Webinar 1: Introducing the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching

This webinar introduces the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching- or MELT for short.
We will overview the core features of the MELT, where they came from and examples that are in use in higher education.

There are a diversity of models that belong to the MELT family, and they all share the core parameters of the Research Skill Development framework (, but have been adapted in terminology and shaped to fit each context, and include:

The Work Skill Development framework (2009)
The Clinical Reflection Framework (2012)
The Optimising Problem Solving Pentagon (2014- created by students for students)
Research Mountain (2014- a song version for early childhood)
And arguably the most important… your own MELT

See for the above MELT

Webinar Date: Monday 11 September
Time: 4.30 pm Eastern Australian Standard Time, 4pm Central Australian Standard time, 1.30pm Western Australian Standard Time.

Zoom is web-based and user friendly

Equipment: A headset is good for speaking quality, but not essential- you may just want to text chat or observe.
Please run a sound-check within Zoom before commencement time. Click on the arrow next to the mic icon, bottom left, choose ‘Audio options’ and click ‘Test computer mic and speakers’.

See for the conference on the MELT (abstracts for posters are due today- 6 September).

I hope to see you online
John Willison

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