Work Skill Development for WIL and Employability: 3rd Webinar in advance of I-MELT

Join presenters from the Universities of New South Wales and Wollongong in a webinar on ‘Using the Work Skill Development Framework – Examples of Practice’

The Work Skill Development (WSD) Framework, developed By Dr Sue Bandaranaike at James Cook University, has been used since 2009 for WIL contexts as varied as Geography & Engineering, Business and Nursing. This webinar will focus on practical applications of the WSD to make explicit the thinking processes and language used in workplaces and for enhancing student and graduate employment prospects.

This is the third webinar on the series on the various uses of the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching (

Short papers on this theme are available on the I-MELT conference website

Reading the abstracts of these in advance will be a great warm-up for the webinar.

See for discussions on this theme and other MELT themes such as Evidenced Based Decision Making

Date: Friday 20 October, 1 hour
2.30 pm Central Daylight time
3.00 pm Eastern Daylight time
2.00 pm Eastern Standard time
12.00 noon WA
(+10.30 GMT/Universal time)


The Zoom platform is web-based and user friendly
Equipment: A headset is good for speaking quality, but not essential- you may just want to text chat or observe.

Please run a sound-check within Zoom before commencement time. Click on the arrow next to the mic icon, bottom left, choose ‘Audio options’ and click ‘Test computer mic and speakers’.
This is the third webinar in a series to discuss I-MELT themes based on the short papers for presentations before the conference

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