Embedded Academic Language and Learning- Ways of Being and Ways of Working

The most sustainable method to embed ALL in the curriculum should be systematic across a degree program rather than ad hoc. It is through language we think about an idea, read about it and evaluate it so analysis and communication are inextricably entwined. As many of these skills are acquired and ‘naturalised’ to seem almost intuitive, academics sometimes find it difficult to separate skill from knowledge. In order to teach academic skills explicitly, embedding academic language and learning (ALL) into a program enables students to develop their understanding of the discourse of the disciplines as part of their learning in higher education. Given that some Business Schools in Australian universities have or wish to have AACSB[1] accreditation, it is fortuitous that ALL educators can leverage off this process which includes a review of assessments, course mapping, assurance of learning and a review of CLO and SLOs, to clearly identify where ALL input can be most effective.
Date: 10th November
Where: University of Sydney
More information here

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