Tertiary Education Research in New Zealand (TERNZ) Conference 2018

When: 28-30 November

Where: Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

This year, the Tertiary Education Research in New Zealand (TERNZ) conference will be held at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand on 28th-30th November 2018. This informal conference provides a space for talking and thinking about tertiary education and offers a forum for discussing research in progress and exploring new ideas for future research. The conference is open to tertiary teachers and researchers from all disciplines.

Submissions may be in the form of a session topic for discussion, a poster or a showcase exhibit which demonstrates an interesting idea from your research or teaching. The final date for submissions is Monday 8th October, 2018.

The conference is organised through HERDSA New Zealand and sponsored by Ako Aotearoa and Victoria University of Wellington.

More information about the conference, its philosophy and registration details can be found on the TERNZ2018 website or by emailing ternz2018@gmail.com.

Further information: http://www.herdsa.org.nz/ternz/2018/index.html

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