World Access to Higher Education Day @ USQ: A panel discussion

28 November 2018

Does everyone belong at university? A panel discussion.

Throughout this thought-provoking session, our panellists (and you- the audience) will explore aspects of the agenda to widen access to, and broaden participation in, higher education. The challenging questions will include:

• Is more access of itself a good thing?
• Does the current market-driven user pays system promote more access, or does it burden vulnerable students with debt?
• Is university the domain of an intellectual elite?
• Has the demand-driven system reached saturation point?
• Do students with lower scores benefit from university?
• How do universities support broadening student cohorts?
• Whose responsibility is it if students drop out?
• Where does vocational education fit?
• Is a university education even relevant for our future entrepreneurs?

Our diverse panel comprises student, business, university, and societal perspectives of the university, with particular focus on the ramifications of thoughtful consideration that increases access to higher education. Every Australian university is under scrutiny to improve progression and retention rates, to increase representation across diverse student groups, and to meet Federal targets – but the unasked questions remains: does everyone belong at university?

Meet the Panel

• Paul Buckley – a USQ student with a double degree in Mechanical Engineering (Honours) and Business Management and Leadership
• Jenelle Choyce – Regional Director in the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (Darling Downs & South West Region)
• Roger Green – Mentoring for Growth member, and recipient of the Etcom Small Business of the Year Award, and
• Kristen Lyons – Associate Professor, University of Queensland

Join us on November 28 from 13:30 – 15:00 (AEST), either in-person (Y103 Television Studio), or online.

You are encouraged to participate in the discussion via Twitter. Tweet your questions during the session with the conference hashtag #WAHED2018 and the committee will pose them to the panel. If you are unable to attend the panel session, you can follow along via Twitter using the hashtag #WAHED2018.

For more information, including information about our panelists, please visit the website.

Please direct all enquiries to

Further information:

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