HERDSA 2019 conference event – HEA Fellowship Networking Event in Auckland

Wednesday 3rd July, 4.00-5.30pm (Day 1 of HERDSA 2019)

HEA Fellowship Networking event:
Encouraging recognition of Learning & Teaching

Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowships are being placed at the forefront of professional learning recognition in many Australasian universities – to develop, recognise and reward teaching and learning roles.

Would you like to know more about these Fellowships? Maybe you have HEA Fellowship and would like to meet other Fellowship holders at HERDSA? Or just interested to know more about the benefits of “fellowship” – of any sort!?

I am a HERDSA member who thinks there is value in an informal HEA Fellowship networking event for HEA Fellows and those interested in knowing more about the benefits of “fellowship”. We will discuss “fellowship” in general, and discuss the benefits of participating in recognition programs. Many universities in Australia and New Zealand have HEA fellowship programs or are considering integrating some aspect of reward and recognition of learning and teaching through fellowship within their institution. Maybe there is interest in forming a HERDSA Special Interest Group (SIG) to bring HEA fellowship holders together? Let’s meet and discuss!!

If cant attend or would like more information please register your interest via the URL below:

Further information: Dr Paula Myatt, Griffith University (p.myatt@griffith.edu.au)

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