2019 Symposium: Capabilities and Capitals: Implications for Students’ Persistence and Success at University

Registrations open until 8 November

This symposium will bring together key thinkers and scholars who have applied the capability theory (Sen 1992, 1993) and capital theory (Bourdieu, 1986, 1993) across disciplines to consider how this framing may assist us to reconceptualise student persistence.

We know little about how learners draw on ‘internal capabilities’ (Nussbaum, 2011) when persisting in university; these capabilities are not innate but develop in interaction with the individual’s environment (social, cultural, familial and political). To contribute alternative perspectives on the issue of student participation and retention, this symposium deliberately shifts attention away from deficit views of student cohorts and instead utilises the Capability Approach and Capital Theories to understand the ways in which students successfully navigate higher education and reach graduation.

Held over two days (21 and 22 November, 2019), this symposium will be of interest to HE researchers/scholars, equity/widening participation stakeholders, academic staff, policy makers, not-for profit/community organisations.

Further information: For more details and to register: https://heaccessforall.com/symposium-2019/program-and-speaker-details/

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