The FYiMaths network was established as part of a project funded by the Australian government Officer for Learning and Teaching from 2012-2014. The network was originally established to provide support and information for academics teaching in first year mathematics in undergraduate degree programs in Australian universities, but has now significantly expanded to include academics and educators teaching in undergraduate mathematics, mathematics support and secondary mathematics teachers in Australia and New Zealand.

The network operates as a ‘community of practice‘ providing an informal and supportive group for academics and educators to access information, exchange ideas, address shared challenges and collaborate on research and policy questions.  The membership is open to all and involves receiving regular updates and information from the website, access to colleagues in universities across Australia and New Zealand, invitations to workshops and conferences, opportunities to contribute to policy debates and establish local groups.

The network activities are aimed at:

  • Supporting innovative and scholarly teaching in undergraduate mathematics
  • Providing information and resources
  • Facilitating networking and collaboration
  • Building connections between tertiary and secondary mathematics education
  • Encouraging investigation and discussion
  • Exploring opportunities for research in undergraduate mathematics education.

The network events and website are managed by the original project leader Dr Deb King and project manager Dr Anita Ponsaing, both of the University of Melbourne.