Maths Education at AustMS

logoSpecial Interest Group for Mathematics Education (SIGME)

This special interest group within the AustMS provides a forum for mathematicians and teachers to consider a wide range of issues in mathematics education.  The group has been established to ensure greater involvement of the AustMS in the wider policy debate and facilitate greater information sharing between members. Further information about the group is available on the AustMS website.

The group was established by Dr Deborah King and Joann Cattlin (University of Melbourne). Deb is the interim Chair, Heather Lonsdale (Curtin University) is the interim Secretary and Carolyn Kennett, Macquarie University, is the interim Treasurer.

The group will not formally be established until first membership fees can be collected for the SIG in 2016, but we would like to start building membership now.  If you would like to nominate to join this SIG please email  You will also be able to nominate to officially join the SIG when you renew your AustMS membership.

Mathematics Education Special Sessions @AustMS conferences

The  Mathematics Education Special Sessions at the annual AustMS meeting is a becoming an active forum for presentation and discussion of tertiary mathematics education research, case studies and evidence based practice.

In 2014 (27) and 2015 (20) the number of talks exceeded expectations and indicate an enthusiastic and growing mathematics education community within the AustMS. Presentations from 2014  and 2015 are available.

We anticipate that future AustMS conferences will include a mathematics education plenary and growing interest from wider AustMS membership.