ANZMC8 Presentations

The Mathematics Education Special Sessions at the 2014 Australia and New Zealand Mathematics Convention were jointly organised by Deb King, Bill Barton (University of Auckland) and Joann Cattlin.

We had a great response to the call for papers with many more than expected, necessitating sessions on every day of the conference. There were 27 presenters from Australia and New Zealand covering a wide range of topics in mathematics education.  A number of the presentation power points are available below.  A full listing of presentations and abstracts is contained in the conference booklet (listed under Special Sessions – Mathematics Education, pp.23–24).

Deb King, University of Melbourne, (a recording of this presentation is available here).

Layna Groen, UTS, Mastery learning to address the assumed knowledge gap, encourage learning and reflection and future-proof academic performance.

Leigh Wood, Macquarie University, Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

Judy Paterson, University of Auckland, Interesting, useful, important: paths into eigenvectors and eigenvalues.

Bill Barton, University of Auckland, Semi-authentic mathematical experiences for undergraduates.

Manju Sharma, University of Sydney, How do we engage students with derivations and proofs in large classes?

Caroline Bardini, University of Melbourne, Undergraduate mathematics students tripped by pronumeral misconceptions.

Jo-ann Larkins, Federation University,Review and Reflection – Engaging first year mathematics students as self-reflective learners.

Matthew Hill, University of Sydney, Maths Skills in Science: Promoting representational fluency amongst undergraduate physics students through weekly online learning modules.

Nazim Khan, University of Western Australia, Flipeering: Getting the most out of the Flipped Classroom.

Malcolm Roberts, University of Newcastle, Reconceptualising Mathematics Teacher Training.

Anthony Morphett, University of Melbourne,  Designing and using interactive applets for conceptual understanding.

John Banks, University of Melbourne, Living Without Lectures A Tale of Two Subjects.

George Papadopoulos and Collin Zheng, University of Sydney, Summer School Versus Term-Time for Fundamental Mathematics at the Tertiary Level.

Katherine Seaton, La Trobe University, What do we know about asking questions?

Tanya Evans and Greg Oates, University of Auckland,Connections across the curriculum: Observations from the DATUM professional development project.

Deborah Jackson, La Trobe University, Multi-modal mathematics support and its impact on student engagement.

Karen Hogeboom and Dianne Atkinson, Monash University, Trialing criteria-referenced marking in an undergraduate statistics unit.

Mary Worthley, Colorado State University, The Calculus tapes.