Non FYiMaths Events

We regularly update lists of Australian and international conferences in mathematics education, STEM education, scholarship of teaching and learning and higher education.

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MERGA Conference

When: 30 June – 4 July

Where: Curtin University

More informaiton here

RAISE Conference

When: 4 – 6 September

Where: Newcastle University

More information here

Socio-cultural network opportunity

Invitation from Paul Hernandez:

We are looking for practitioners and researchers that have used or are interested in using social and cultural theories of education (e.g. communities of practice, Activity Theory, neo/Vygotskian perspectives, Bourdieusian perspectives, etc.) to understand and/or inform policy or practice in Higher Education Mathematics. We are looking to organise a workshop later in the year to network and establish collaborations in these areas of knowledge. If you are interested, please contact Dr Paul Hernandez Martinez at