Upcoming 2019 FYiMaths Workshop

You are all invited to attend the 2019 FYiMaths workshop!

ThemeThe What, Why and How of first year tertiary mathematics.
We will be coming together to share what we teach at first year maths across the country, how we are teaching it, and why.

A similar forum took place in Canada by Vaselin Jungic and Miroslav Lovric. You can read their report here.

When: Thursday 11th to Friday 12th July
Where: The University of Melbourne

Abstracts: We are accepting abstracts if you would like to present. Please email abstracts to by Friday 7th June.

Registrations are now open via Eventbrite.


Past FYiMaths Groups Workshops

We have state groups for NSW, New Zealand, and WA. Information about these groups and their past workshops can be found here:


FYiMaths Annual Workshops

The FYiMaths network annual workshops provide an opportunity for mathematicians and mathematics educators to meet and share information, present recent research and exchange ideas on teaching practices and innovations. The workshops involve approximately 50-60 participants, interactive presentations, workshop discussions, networking opportunities, guest speakers and are attended by academics and educators from a wide range of backgrounds and stages of career.

The workshops have been held in June/July at the University of Melbourne since 2013.

You can see the program and presentation slides for past workshops:


Additional FYiMaths workshops

  • Forum on Problem-Based Learning
  • Forum on assumed knowledge