Workshop 4 – Evaluating Learning and Teaching

The 2016 FYi Maths workshop was themed ‘Evaluating Learning and Teaching’, held on 11-12 July 2016 at The University of Melbourne. This two day workshop discussed such topics as improving mathematical writing skills of undergraduate students, the fluidity of secondary and tertiary mathematics, and the success of workshops themselves.

On the second day, Tina Overton provided valuable advice on how to get research projects in education started, pull them together and get them published.

When: 11–12 July 2016
Where: Alice Hoy Building – Level 3, Room 333, The University of Melbourne

Program available here



Karen Hogeboom
and Michael Page (Monash University)
Improving mathematical writing skills of undergraduate students

Padraic Bartlett (University of Auckland)
Incorporating Open Problems into Undergraduate Mathematics Classes

Poh Wah Hillock (The University of Queensland)
A Mathematics Support Programme for first year engineering students: Progress Report

Katherine Seaton (La Trobe University)
Show your working. Your working

R. Nazim Khan (The University of Western Australia)
Surfing Higher Education – Rough Waters Ahead!

Don Shearman (University of Western Sydney)
Do Workshops Work?

Judy-anne Osborn (University of Newcastle)
Assessment to meet the needs of a very bimodal cohort studying Linear Algebra

Caroline Bardini, Robyn Pierce & Jill Vincent (The University of Melbourne)
Secondary & University Mathematics: Do they speak the same language?

Elena Sinchenko, Katrina van Vuuren, Elena Verezub (Swinburne University of Technology)
Targeted, timely and relevant maths support: Collaboration between learning and academic skills centre and course coordinators