Project Team

Project Leader – Dr Deb King

deborah-king-4-3 editDr Deb King was the project leader for the FYiMaths project. She is the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne and was the Director of First Year Studies and Director of the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre for seven years. Deb is now the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Coordinator of Learning and Teaching Innovation.

Project Manager – Joann Cattlin

photo2 Joann Cattlin was the project manager and research officer for the First Year in Maths project. She has previously worked as a project officer on ARC, ALTC and CRC research projects. Prior to this she was a reference librarian and policy officer.  She has a Masters of Information Management (RMIT).

 Project Team

Assoc. Professor Leon Poladian

PoladianAssoc. Professor Leon Poladian is the Teaching Director (Applied) within the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney and a member of the Teaching Education Advisory Board for the Faculty of Education and Social Work. He has received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Supporting the Student Experience (2004), Science Faculty Citation for Service Teaching in first year, and an ALTC Citation for teaching mathematics to life science students (2011). He is also Director of the ANU-AAMT National Mathematics Summer School and coordinator of the Sydney University Mathematics Bridging Courses. In a former incarnation Leon was a research-only fellow for 15 years in optics and photonics holding three successive ARC fellowships. He continues his research on optics, optimisation and evolution.

Professor Jo Ward

WardProfessor Jo Ward is Dean of Science at Curtin University and is the only Australian mathematician who is also a Dean of Science. She has particular interests and expertise in first year learning and teaching. Jo has extensive experience in all levels of undergraduate mathematics teaching, including service teaching into Engineering and other Science courses. She held the position of Program Chair for Mathematics for 6 years at Murdoch University where she was responsible for the academic oversight and day to day management of coursework activities. She oversaw a major restructure of the course, led the introduction of technology in teaching and the development of graduate and course learning outcomes – before these became more commonplace. She introduced and oversaw the innovative Mathematics Clinic which provided peer support to first and second year students of mathematics for many years. She was also a long serving member of Murdoch’s Academic Council, Committee on University Entrance (chair for 5 years), and Education Policy Committee.

Dr Adrian Koerber

KoerberDr Adrian Koerber is the Director of First Year Studies in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide. During this time he has spearheaded the School’s Maple T.A. project, the aim of which has been to improve the use of computer aided assessment in large first and second year courses. In January 2012 Adrian took on the role of Director of First Year Studies in the School, leading a team of staff responsible for the delivery of first year courses to well over 1000 students each semester. Throughout his career he has been, and remains, committed to improving outcomes for students.