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A range of articles in the media and online forums related to project activities or mathematics education.


26 June 2016- Article on TES online (UK) about restoring pride in teaching maths and science here.

24 June 2016- Article on ABC online about encouraging and creating higher standards for maths and science education in regional Australia here.

21 June 2016- Article in The Examiner regarding compulsory maths and science in VCE and filling in the gaps in maths and science knowledge in Tasmania here.

19 June 2016- Article in The Sydney Morning Herald about Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s call to make maths and science compulsory in VCE here.

17 June 2016- Article in ScienceDaily (USA) about encouraging maths in young children at home here.

14 June 2016- Article in New Scientist (UK) about the gender gap in STEM education here.

12 June 2016- Article in The Sydney Morning Herald about Australia’s declining performance in maths and science and its poor university entry standards here.

12 June 2016- Article on TES online (UK) about Maths associations furvent appeal against ‘progress reports’ and to instil confidence in young students struggling with maths here.

6 June 2016- Article in The Conversation about maths anxiety and how to solve it here.

25 March 2016- Article in The Sydney Morning Herald about helping disadvantaged children to learn maths here.

23 March 2016- Article in The Conversation about the Labor Party’s future plans for STEM here.

22 March 2016– Article in The Age about Melbourne University offering positions in Mathematics specifically for women here.

7 March 2016- Article in The Independent (IRE) about high school teachers of geography, science and business adding a qualification in mathematics to their skill set here.

3 March 2016- Article in The Daily Mail (AUS) about the failure of the holistic approach to mathematics in primary/ high school here.

29 April 2016-  Article in The Washington Post (USA) about educators wanting to integrate music and mathematics here.

29 April 2016-  Article in The Independent (IRE) about the risk of STEM students rushing into Honours for bonus points being out of their depth here.

29 April 2016- Article on The Education Week blog (USA) about the STEM Education Coalition wanting to push more STEM learning in after school programs here.

20 April 2016-  Article in the Sydney Morning Herald about The Office of Teaching and Learning losing their funding here.

17 April 2016– Article in the Australian Financial Review Weekend about Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham expressing the urgent need for mathematics to be mandatory prerequisites for appropriate university degrees here.

14 April 2016- Article in The Chronicle Of Higher Education (USA) about the apparent absence of skills such as critical thinking being taught in higher education here.

13 April 2016– Article on ABC online about maths as a mandatory prerequisite for some university degrees in Australia, including interviews with Professor Cheryl Praeger and Professor Geoff Prince here.

13 April 2016- Article in the Independent (UK) about mathematics possibly becoming compulsory for all students before age 18 here.

18 March 2016 – Article in the Conversation about assumed knowledge here.

4 February 2016– In the wake of the University of Sydney’s decision to introduce mathematics prerequisites, AMSI Director Geoff Prince writes in the AFR about how university requirements have an impact on mathematical capabilities needed in the workforce.  ‘It was FYiMaths which discovered the extent of prerequisite failure in Australia and they are actively engaging universities to persuade them of the dangers of relying on “assumed knowledge” of maths.’ 

9 August 2015 – article in the Australian Financial Review ‘The biggest thing for new technology, and schools don’t teach enough: maths‘.  In this article, Bruce Henry, the Head of UNSW Australia’s School of Mathematics and Statistics “laments that 70 per cent of students now finish high school without any knowledge of calculus”.

7 August 2015 – article in the Australian Financial Review ‘Students shun maths as universities drop prerequisite‘ highlighting data collected by the FYiMaths network on mathematics entry requirements.

7 October 2014article in SMH on report ‘Continuing decline of science and mathematics enrolments in Australian high schools’.

17 September 2014article in the Australian on Minister Pyne’s response to the issues raised in the communique from the National Forum on assumed knowledge in mathematics.

27 August 2014 article in the Australian following release of the communique.

15 July 2014 – An article in the Australian on the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers submission to the government review of teacher education, which recommends mathematics background for those entering primary teaching and changes to the mathematics content of teaching qualifications.  The AAMT submission is available here.

14 April 2014 – Article about National Forum for Inspiring Australia website.

13 April 2014 – Adam Spencer in Sydney Morning Herald ‘Time to put the ATAR to the test’

11 March 2014 –  Geoff Prince, Director of the Australian Mathematical Science Institute, writes in The Conversation on the role of mathematics in the challenges of the future.

10 February 2014 – Deb King’s article in The Conversation highlights the range of issues surrounding falling maths skills.

14 February 2014 – Sydney Morning Herald article on the National Forum on Assumed Knowledge in Maths.