Guides and links on teaching undergraduate mathematics

  • Key ideas in teaching mathematics – the Nuffield foundation in the UK funds various research projects targetting mathematics education in schools and early university.
  • AustMS Professional development for mathematicians – An online course designed by mathematicians for mathematicians is hosted by AustMS. It provides a wealth of practical, discipline-specific and best-practice strategies for teaching and assessment in mathematics at university level. The course has been written by a team of mathematicians and education specialists who have endeavoured to make the learning activities embedded in your own day to day practice and context. The units are openly accessible or can be studied and assessed through formal enrolment. Some institutions recognise the course as a certificate level qualification in higher education teaching.  For enrolment information for contact the coordinator.
  • Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning Network (CIRTL) (USA). A network dedicated to developing undergraduate teaching in the STEM disciplines.  A great collection of publications and online courses.
  • Irish Mathematics Learning Support Network – The aim of the Irish Mathematics Learning Support Network (IMLSN) is to act as an informative community of practice for all those with an interest in the provision of mathematics and statistics support at tertiary level education in Ireland. The IMLSN strives to provide training and support to members through the sharing of ideas and best practice. It also aims to provide a mechanism for the provision of opportunities for collaborative research and development in the area of Mathematics Learning Support (MLS).

Non-traditional approaches to teaching

  • Flipping classrooms has been a topic of interest at many of our network events.  These links and presentations provide some practical information about implementing flipped lectures.
  • Blended learning (resources available soon)
  • Assessment – The mathsassess project developed criteria based assessment tools.

Dealing with student diversity

  • Mastery Learning approach for large first year classes. An article reporting on findings from University of Technology Sydney on their approach to teaching mathematics to under-prepared students.
  • Assumed knowledge entry requirements – a national forum held in February 2014 considered the widespread impact of ‘assumed knowledge’ in mathematics on tertiary STEM programs. Presentations at the forum provided a picture of the challenges and responses from a range of institutions.
  • Diagnostic testing in mathematics has been introduced by many Australian universities to assess the knowledge and skills of enrolling students.
  • Maths support resources – the mathcentre was developed by a group from the Universities of Loughborough, Leeds and Coventry, the Maths Stats and OR Network and the Educational Broadcasting Services Trust in 2003.

Teaching large first year subjects