Learning from Maths Mistakes

The types of errors students make can generate valuable insight into what the student may be thinking. The idea here is that each post will be a selection of student work. The community of FYiMaths lectures are then invited to comment  and discuss the following:

  • What does the student know?
  • What mistake has the student made? Or what does the student not understand?
  • How would you help?

The purpose is to provide teachers with a bank of student errors to help future planning. Knowing the types of errors students will likely make, how would you modify current lectures to address the misconnception/error?

In order to keep this discussion fruitful, we would love for you to submit errors your students are making as well to fyimathsproject@gmail.com

Note: to keep students anonymous, their responses have been re-written.


Error 1 – Multiplying complex numbers

01 complex numbers

What do you think? What does the student know, what misconception might they have, and how would you help them?