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Program Administration Assistant – Research & Higher Education @ AMSI, Melbourne

Do you want to help deliver higher education events that enable promising careers for tertiary students?

Now is the time to join the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) as Administrative Assistant for the Research and Higher Education Program.

More information here.

Applications close 18 April 2017.

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29 Mar 2017: ACE Seminar, Barbara Maenhaut @ UQ

This seminar is broadcast via the AMSI ACE Network which means it is delivered as a videoconference, using Visimeet. To participate in this seminar:

  1. Book your local ACE facilities, if available (see here for a list of Mathematical Sciences departments with ACE facilities), OR
  2. If you don’t have ACE facilities available locally, contact Maaike Wienk at ace@amsi.org.au for a guest Visimeet licence which allows you to access the seminar from your desktop or laptop.

Important: Please contact Michael Jennings at UQ to notify him you will be attending the seminar.


Speaker: Dr Barbara Maenhaut (University of Queensland)
Title: Active learning in a large first-year discrete mathematics course
Time and place: 1pm, Wednesday 29th March, VISAC room, School of Maths and Physics, University of Queensland


Active learning is a term used to describe a range of teaching practices that encourage students to think during class rather than listen passively. The benefits of active learning approaches in science and mathematics courses have been well-studied, see [1] for a recent survey. At the University of Queensland we have recently implemented active learning techniques in MATH1061, our first-year discrete mathematics course. This course has an enrolment of approximately 400 students each semester, including students in Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Mathematics.

The variant of active learning that we have implemented is based on ideas from The Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative and ideas that have been used in the teaching of undergraduate physics at UQ for several years. Prior to class, the students are required to watch one or two short videos that cover the core concepts of the next class, recommended to read some pages of the textbook to see some additional examples of applications of those concepts, and required to complete a short quiz on those concepts. The quiz includes a feedback question that prompts students to identify any ideas they would like to have discussed in class. Then in class, the lecturer addresses any problems that the students raised in the quiz feedback question, and students work through problems and use an in-class response system to answer multiple-choice questions.

In this talk, I will discuss how this active learning technique was implemented in Semester 2, 2016 and discuss achievement data and feedback from students.

[1] S. Freeman, S.L. Eddy, M. McDonough, M.K. Smith, N. Okoroafor, H. Jordt, M.P. Wenderoth, Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 111 no. 23, 8410-8415.

More information here


Part of the AustMS/AMSI Teaching Seminar Series

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Program Manager – Research and Higher Education @ AMSI, Melbourne

AMSI’s Research and Higher Education Program is a highly respected, standout national collaboration delivering four reputable flagship programs and multiple scientific workshops in the mathematical sciences as well as a brand new industry-facing event in optimisation.

The Research and Higher Education Program Manager is an Executive position at AMSI covering the strategic and operational oversight of the $4 million national program, jointly funded by AMSI and the Australian Government.

AMSI is looking for an individual with an academic events background, strong reporting and budgetary experience, and the ability to work with multiple high-level stakeholders. A background or experience in policy development is also desirable.

More information here.

Applications close 9 April 2017.

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Post-Doc Position: Choose Maths Gender Researcher at AMSI

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) has expanded its schools outreach program.  We are seeking a researcher to manage a research agenda which will inform AMSI programs and policies with respect to gender in mathematics. An experienced researcher, accustomed to managing a research portfolio, with a strong interest in gender and/or mathematics/statistics and mathematics education and expertise in writing scholarly publications is needed as a key component of a new and exciting project aimed at increasing female participation in mathematics.
Applications for part-time or other flexible working arrangements will be welcomed and will be fully considered subject to meeting the inherent requirements of the position.
If this sounds like the role for you, please submit your application by the closing date addressing the selection criteria in the position description.
Closing date: 17 Apr 2016
For details see
For queries and further information please contact Inge Koch (inge@amsi.org.au).

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