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New Maths Ed special interest group @AustMS #SIGME

The new AustMS Special Interest Group in Mathematics Education (SIGME) is up and running and seeking members. An article in the current issue of the AustMS Gazette (Sept15) provides some background.

The group is open to all mathematicians, statisticians and mathematics teachers.  For more information about the group go to the SIG website.

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New Mathematics Education Special Interest Group of AustMS

We are happy to announce the establishment of a new Mathematics Education Special Interest Group of the AustMS.

Over the past two years or so, there has been growing interest among mathematicians in tertiary mathematics education. This has been evident in the activities of research projects such as FYiMaths and mathsassess (both funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching) and conferences such as Delta (tertiary mathematics education), ACSME (Australian Conference for Science and Mathematics Education) and ANZMC8.

We felt that the establishment of a Mathematics Education Special Interest Group was needed to ensure that AustMS members can contribute to, and be informed of, the current national discussions in tertiary mathematics education on issues including:

  • Retention and progression of tertiary mathematics students
  • Online learning and eLearning
  • Declining lecture attendance and lecture recording
  • Assessment in mathematics
  • The challenges of teaching underprepared students and addressing high failure rates
  • Transition from tertiary to secondary mathematics
  • The declining number of students studying intermediate and advanced level mathematics in upper secondary school
  • Increased teaching performance expectations
  • Connections with the secondary education sector and the Australian Curriculum

We will be holding the first meeting of the SIG at the AustMS meeting at Flinders University (date of meeting TBC). The interim Chair and Secretary will be Dr Deborah King and Joann Cattlin (both of The University of Melbourne). Expressions of interest will be sought for an interim Treasurer at the 2015 AustMS meeting.

The group will not formally be established until first membership fees can be collected for the SIG in 2016, but we would like to start building membership now.

If you would like to nominate to join this SIG please email joann.cattlin@unimelb.edu.au.  You will be able to nominate to officially join the SIG when you renew your AustMS membership next year.

Further details about the SIG will be available on the AustMS website in the near future.

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