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17 Mar 2017: Seminar, Di Warren @ UNSW

This week at UNSW there is a Teaching and Learning Seminar at 4pm on Friday 17th March. This is a combined Teaching and Learning and Statistics Seminar. Everyone is welcome, and  encouraged to stay afterwards for discussion with the speaker over wine and cheese.

Speaker: Dr Di Warren, from the University of Sydney
Title: Choose your own adventure: Increasing motivation for Stats Literacy in large first year cohorts
Time and place: 4pm, Friday 17th March, RC-4082. (The Red Centre Building, UNSW)

While a first year Stats course has the potential to be extremely interesting and relevant, students often report the exact opposite, especially in large compulsory service courses.
In order to motivate students, we have introduced a greater emphasis on Stats Literacy, including a collaborative, self-directed assessment, in which students present a report on data of their own choice. This seems to result in better engagement by both students and tutors.
We’ll discuss the challenges, constraints, and lessons, with some exemplars.
Plus a short discussion on the future of Stats tables!

About the speaker:
Di  is overseeing the major relaunch of first year Stats courses at the University of Sydney in 2018, in the context of the new degree architecture. She is passionate about student motivation and engagement through educational innovation. Her most recent project was `Improving Statistical Efficacy through Engaged Enquiry and Student-Driven  Research in a Large First Year Course’ funded by a Strategic Innovation Grant (2015).
Seminar co-coordinator: Diana Combe <diana@unsw.edu.au>

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10 Mar 2017: Seminar, Jim Pettigrew @ UNSW

This week at UNSW there is a Teaching and Learning Seminar at 2pm on Friday 10th March. Everyone is welcome.

Speaker: Dr Jim Pettigrew, Mathematics Support Hub, Western Sydney University
Title: Equity in Mathematics Education
Time and place: 2pm, Friday March 10th, RC-4082

In this talk I will outline (some) contemporary research tackling the questions of equity, access and disadvantage in mathematics education. I will also reflect on my experience in supporting the mathematical learning of students at Western Sydney University, many of whom are from non-English speaking backgrounds, are the first in their families to study at university, or are transitioning into higher education from disadvantaged educational, social or economic circumstances.

About the speaker:
Dr Jim Pettigrew is currently working as a lecturer at Western Sydney University (WSU) within the Mathematics Education Support Hub. Since completing his PhD in mathematics at UNSW in 2009, he has worked in a range of academic teaching and research roles. His teaching has been broad, covering areas such as developmental assessment for literacy leaders in the Catholic primary school system, fundamentals of teaching for tutors at Deakin University, and first level calculus for science students at WSU. His research work has mostly centred around the development and evaluation of student learning support programs, creation of online assessment systems, implementation of university-wide learning technologies, and analysis of staff and student digital preparedness for teaching and learning.


Please join the speaker for further discussion after the seminar over afternoon tea in the staff common room, Red Centre Building, RC-3082.
Seminar co-coordinator: Diana Combe <diana@unsw.edu.au>

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14 Feb 2017: “Flip or Flop?” @ University of Sydney

“Flip or Flop?”: Considering the Flipped Learning Pedagogy in Curriculum Development

A seminar hosted for everyone interested in considering the flipped learning pedagogy in curriculum development.

Venue: University of Sydney, School of Maths and Stats, Carslaw Building Floor 5 (533a)
Time: February 14, 11am-2pm
Please let Di Warren (diana.warren@sydney.edu.au) know if you would like lunch provided.

11-12 A Flipped Classroom Model to Teaching First Year Undergraduate Courses (Rena Bokosmaty)
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Designing Effective Flipped Learning Experiences (A/Prof Aberlardo Pardo)

Rena Bokosmaty is a postgraduate student researching flipped learning in Chemistry.
A/Prof Aberlardo Pardo specialises in technology enhanced learning in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Abstract 1:
In the last decade, the Flipped Classroom Model (FCM) has received increased recognition for revolutionising traditional didactic teaching. This talk will outline the use of the FCM to renew the teaching style in first year undergraduate chemistry courses. These courses blend and integrate the use of guided-inquiry based learning activities with online learning activities to promote an active, student-centred learning environment with increased student-instructor and peer interactions. Personalised student support has been embedded in these courses leading to improvements in retention and student learning outcomes. This design has the potential to influence future initiative and provides valuable insight on how this FCM could be used and implemented in wider disciplines particularly in mathematics courses.

Abstract 2:
Student engagement is one of the indicators we usually focus when trying to improve the overall quality of a learning experience. The so-called flipped learning strategy proposes scheduling tasks for students to prepare a face-to-face session. There is increasing evidence showing that when properly done, this strategy does increase student satisfaction, but these findings are very sensitive to the learning context. In this talk we will explore an example of a flipped learning experience in the context of engineering education including techniques and design suggestions that can be applied to a wide variety of scenarios.

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Statistics Support Officer @ Charles Sturt Uni

The Quantitative Consulting Unit (QCU) provides University-wide statistical consultation and advice to support staff and higher degree by research students to facilitate their research. This role provides high-level statistical expertise as well as oversight of QCU operations. The position is also responsible for ensuring the profile and engagement of QCU with the University research community is maintained and for the ongoing development of QCU’s resources and capabilities.

More information here.

Applications close 5 February 2017.

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25 Nov – 2 Dec 2016: MELT workshops in each state: Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching

Would you like graduates of your programs to have developed deep understandings of subject matter and research or problem solving mindedness? Do you want to foreground critical thinking and use technology to support its development, not have technology drive the agenda? How can you help students to connect together the skills associated with problem solving, critical thinking, clinical reasoning and researching in ways that enable these skills to mutually reinforce across multiple semesters of a degree?

The MELT workshop on the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching will help you address these questions. The MELT reflect and are based on organic adaptations of the Research Skill Development (RSD) framework to numerous other models, including the Work Skill Development framework (for WIL) and Optimising Problem Solving pentagon (made by students for students in Engineering). The workshop facilitates the development of your own MELT that fits your context. Come to one of the state-based events run over the next few months:

Queensland 25 November 2016, University of Queensland
South Australia: 30 November 2016, University of Adelaide
Victoria: 1 December 2016, Monash University
New South Wales: 2 December 2016, University of New South Wales

Events are also being planned in Western Australia, Tasmania and the ACT.

Please register through the links above. If you have any questions, contact John Willison <john.willison@adelaide.edu.au>.

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25 – 29 Sep 2017: Jonathan M. Borwein Commemorative Conference, Newcastle

The University of Newcastle will be holding a conference to commemorate the life and work of Laureate Professor Jonathan Borwein, whose contribution to mathematics and the mathematical community has been vast, and cut short by his unexpected passing earlier this year: http://experimentalmath.info/blog/2016/08/jonathan-borwein-dies-at-65/.

The conference will be held 25-29 September 2017 at one of Jon’s favourite venues, “Noah’s on the Beach” overlooking the ocean at Newcastle. Registration will be available shortly at https://carma.newcastle.edu.au/meetings/jbcc/.

The breadth and impact of Jon’s achievements in mathematics and its advocacy are extraordinary.  These will be commemorated in five themes around which the conference will be organised:

  • Applied Analysis, Optimisation and Convex Functions, chaired by Regina Burachik
  • Education, chaired by Judy-anne Osborn and Naomi Borwein
  • Experimental Mathematics, chaired by David Bailey
  • Financial Mathematics, chaired by Qiji (Jim) Zhu
  • Number Theory, Special Functions and Pi, chaired by Richard Brent

Each theme will be opened by a keynote address by the chair or delegated key collaborator of Jon in the area, reflecting upon Jon’s work in the field and its impact. All talks are by invitation. Anyone interested in speaking should contact the chair of the relevant theme or the overall conference chair to request an invitation. While we will do our best to fit you in, the number of talks is limited and we expect interest will be high, so don’t be disappointed if we are unable to accommodate you.

A proceedings will be published by Springer, edited by Brailey Sims.

When: 25 – 29 September 2017
Where: Noah’s On The Beach, Newcastle, NSW

More information here.

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16 Nov 2016: UTS Science in Focus @ UTS, Sydney

Big Data and the Paradox of Probability

The age of big data is here! Join us for this free TED-Style talk as two UTS mathematicians provide insights into how big data is impacting our lives.

Big Data: The Future is Here with Prof Anthony Dooley

Have you ever wondered, when Coles or Woolworths email you their weekly specials, how they know what’s on your shopping list? Is this a coincidence or pure luck?

Neither I’m afraid. It’s a clever use of information and understanding of big data by businesses who want to better target their customers’ buying behaviours.

But what is big data? What information is being collected? Is it secure? How can understanding data help solve problems? Or is data controlling our lives?

Join Professor Anthony Dooley, as he helps us makes sense of big data. Professor Dooley is passionate about communicating the usefulness and importance of mathematics to the public, and believes that mathematics can help us better understand the almost infinite amount of digital data around us.

The Paradox of Probability with Dr Stephen Woodcock

Barely a week passes without seeing a headline proclaiming that some common food or behaviour is either associated with an increased or decreased health risk, or often both, in contradictory reports.

How can it be that seemingly rigorous scientific studies can produce the exact opposite conclusions?

In this talk, Dr Stephen Woodcock takes us through some ‘probability paradoxes’ explaining how surprising, counterintuitive and often misleading results can arise.

Dr Woodcock is an applied mathematician whose research is motivated by a drive to develop solutions and models for solving real problems in both natural and engineered systems.

 Wednesday 16 November 2016
Location: UTS University Hall, Building 4, Level 3, Room 623 (map)
Time: 6:00pm
RSVP: Tuesday 15 November 2016. Registration essential.

For more information email: science@uts.edu.au

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10 Nov 2016: Seminar, Paul Hancock @ UNSW

Title: The Visiting Teacher Fellowship and its Sphere of Influence
Speaker: Paul Hancock
Time: 4pm, Thursday 10 November 2016
Place: The Rex Vowels Theatre, UNSW (not far from the Red Centre building – on the other side of the main walkway a little further up the hill in the Electrical Engineering Building)

In this talk I will be discussing my experiences over this past year as the Visiting Teaching Fellow. I would also like to take the opportunity to discuss my views on the new senior curriculum and the far reaching support network both the school and the past and future teaching fellows can provide during the transition period of the next 4 or 5 years.

About the Speaker: Paul Hancock is this year’s Teaching Fellow at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW. He comes from Woonona High School.

Please join the speaker afterwards for further discussion over wine and cheese in the staff common room on level 3 of the Red Centre, RC-3082.

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24 Nov 2016: NSW FYiMaths Meeting @ UNSW

The next meeting of the NSW branch of the FYiMaths network will be hosted by The School of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of New South Wales on Thursday 24th November with the theme “Feedback and Assessment: starting the conversation”.

Presentations and ideas for discussion in line with the theme are invited from interested participants. Participation in the workshop will be free of charge and BOSTES accreditation is planned.

A conference dinner will held at a restaurant close to the UNSW Kensington Campus.

Date: Thursday 24 November, 2016
Time: 10am to 5pm (arrive 9:30 for tea, coffee and networking)
Venue: University of New South Wales, Kensington Campus
Enquiries: Jonathan Kress <j.kress@unsw.edu.au>

More information and registration here.

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27 – 30 Jun 2017: HERDSA 2017

The HERDSA 2017 Conference Committee warmly invite you to submit abstracts for refereed papers for presentation at the 40th annual conference of Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia, to be held 27-30 June 2017 at the ICC Sydney.

The theme for the conference is Curriculum Transformation. This theme provides an opportunity to explore curriculum as a framework for student learning and experience rather than as simply an organising framework for disciplinary knowledge. It provides a platform to examine how quality sits at the centre of the process and the approaches needed to support for staff in curriculum development and innovative teaching practice.

For full details and to submit your abstract please  visit the HERDSA 2017 Conference website at www.herdsa2017.org

When: 27–30 June 2017
Where: ICC, Sydney
Abstract Deadline: 23 October 2016

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30 Oct – 2 Nov 2016: ATSIMA Conference 2016

ATSIMA, along with the Aboriginal Communities of the Dharawal and Yuin peoples of the Illawarra and South East Coast, is excited to announce its second Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance conference.

The conference will bring together a collaboration of leaders, educators and stakeholders from Community, education, research, and business sectors around Australia.

When: Sunday 30 October – Wednesday 2 November 2016
Where: Sandon Point Tent Embassy and the University of Wollongong

More information here.

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29 Nov – 1 Dec 2016: Workshop “Tools and Mathematics” and MESIG2, University of Newcastle, Sydney

Announcement and call for abstracts for a twin workshop:  “Tools and Mathematics: Instruments for Learning” incorporating MESIG2, the second annual meeting of the “Mathematical Educational Software Interest Group”.

These twin workshops, both instigated by the late Professor Jonathan Borwein, will creatively bring together practitioners and researchers with common interests in education in the mathematical sciences, and in particular how our tool use influences our thinking.

The “Tools and Mathematics: Instruments for Learning” meeting celebrates the publication of a book of the same name by Jonathan Borwein, John Monaghan and Luc Trouche: http://www.springer.com/in/book/9783319023953. Abstracts for the Tools and Mathematics part of the meeting should be in the spirit of the book, in some capacity exploring the mathematical nexus between research and education, tools and creativity, experimentation and learning. Abstracts for the MESIG part of the meeting should be driven by examples of the practice of software use in mathematical education.

Further information on the book, abstract submission, and confirmed invited speakers is available on the conference website: https://carma.newcastle.edu.au/meetings/tools/

Dates: Tuesday 29 November – Thursday 1 December 2016
Venue: Lecture theatre ELI 122, University of Newcastle Sydney Campus, 55 Elizabeth Street in the Sydney CBD
Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/tools-and-mathematics-instruments-for-learning-tickets-27424446257
Abstract submission: https://carma.newcastle.edu.au/meetings/tools/abstractsystem/
Abstract submission deadline: Monday 14 November 2016

From Judy-anne Osborn and Naomi Borwein

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2-3 June 2016 – STEMS: Putting Statistics back into STEM in the Data Age

The Statistics Education Section of the Statistical Society of Australia has created a two day workshop and colloquium hosted at the University of Technology in Sydney on the 2 and 3 of June. The idea of the workshop and colloquium is to discuss the needs and actions surrounding the future of Statistics, and provide an opportunity for discussion about the required future direction of Statistics Education in Australia, and it is aimed at primary-secondary-tertiary educators, government and industry leaders and all interested parties.

When: 2-3 June 2016

Where: University Of Technology, Sydney

The workshop is free for secondary and primary school educators, although you are still required to register. Registration information here.

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14 June 2016 – FYiMaths NSW Workshop

Western Sydney University is hosting a free, one day workshop for FYi Maths on Tuesday 14 June 2016. The theme of the workshop is “Dialogue Across the Divide”. The workshop is for those involved in mathematics teaching in first year tertiary and/or high school and will be BOSTES/QTC endorsed.

Date: Tuesday 14 June, 2016

Time: 10am-5pm (arrive at 9:30 for tea, coffee and networking)

Venue: Western Sydney University, Parramatta City campus, 100 George St, Parramatta.

Presentations in line with the theme for the day are invited from interested participants.    Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to present.

Registration is free, form located here.

A conference dinner will be held at a restaurant close to the venue (dinner at your own cost).

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