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5 May 2017: Seminar, Ana Zumalacarregui @ UNSW

Title: Optimization with bubbles
Speaker: Dr Ana Zumalacarregui (UNSW Sydney)
Time: 4pm, Friday 5th May
Place: RC-4082, School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW

The School is involved in many dissemination activities to promote and engage students in Mathematics. It is always interesting to find creative ways to explore mathematical concepts and to challenge intuition.

I will present in a playful way an activity that I prepared to introduce the concept of optimization using bubbles and soap films. It consists in a series of materials that will allow us to gain some intuition on the Isoperimetric problem, optimization of paths or minimal surfaces, among some other questions. The seminar will be quite interactive and I would love to get your feedback to improve the activity for future uses in the School.

About the Speaker: Ana was Born in Madrid, Spain. She completed her PhD in 2015 under the supervision of Javier Cilleruelo at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. She has been a postdoc at UNSW since 2015, where she collaborates with Igor Shparlinski. Ana’s research focuses on additive and combinatorial number theory and, until now, follows two different lines:
– Concentration and distribution of solutions to equations in congruences
– Additive and arithmetical structures in random sets.

She deeply enjoys discussing about mathematics and science and for that reason she is involved in all sorts of dissemination activities.


Please join us after the seminar for wine and cheese and refreshments in the staff common room, Red Centre Building, RC-3082.

Seminar co-coordinator: Diana Combe: diana@unsw.edu.au

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2 Postdoc Positions in Statistics @ UNSW, Sydney

  • A$89K – A$95K per year (plus 17% superannuation and leave loading)
  • 2 Years fixed-term
  • Full time position

There are 2 positions available, one being in the School of Mathematics & Statistics, Faculty of Science and the other in the School of Economics at the UNSW Business School.  Both positions will have the opportunity to interact with members of both Schools.

These positions are supported by, and are an integral part of ACEMS – the Australian Centre of Excellence of Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers in Big Data, Data Models and New Insights –  a multi-institution research centre for leading research in mathematics, statistics and machine learning.  See http://www.acems.org.au for further info.

The appointees will undertake collaborative and self-directed research on methods for the analysis of large and complex datasets, and their application.  Methodological development is expected to be wide ranging, but will involve techniques such as symbolic data analysis, methods for computationally intractable likelihood functions (such as pseudo-marginal methods, approximate Bayesian computation and synthetic likelihoods), variational Bayes and non-parametric methods.  Applications will include (but are not limited to) large panel datasets, satellite imagery and complex and non-standard ecological and environmental datasets, and evidence accumulation models for decision making in psychology and business.

More information here.

Applications close 5 May 2017.

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17 Mar 2017: Seminar, Di Warren @ UNSW

This week at UNSW there is a Teaching and Learning Seminar at 4pm on Friday 17th March. This is a combined Teaching and Learning and Statistics Seminar. Everyone is welcome, and  encouraged to stay afterwards for discussion with the speaker over wine and cheese.

Speaker: Dr Di Warren, from the University of Sydney
Title: Choose your own adventure: Increasing motivation for Stats Literacy in large first year cohorts
Time and place: 4pm, Friday 17th March, RC-4082. (The Red Centre Building, UNSW)

While a first year Stats course has the potential to be extremely interesting and relevant, students often report the exact opposite, especially in large compulsory service courses.
In order to motivate students, we have introduced a greater emphasis on Stats Literacy, including a collaborative, self-directed assessment, in which students present a report on data of their own choice. This seems to result in better engagement by both students and tutors.
We’ll discuss the challenges, constraints, and lessons, with some exemplars.
Plus a short discussion on the future of Stats tables!

About the speaker:
Di  is overseeing the major relaunch of first year Stats courses at the University of Sydney in 2018, in the context of the new degree architecture. She is passionate about student motivation and engagement through educational innovation. Her most recent project was `Improving Statistical Efficacy through Engaged Enquiry and Student-Driven  Research in a Large First Year Course’ funded by a Strategic Innovation Grant (2015).
Seminar co-coordinator: Diana Combe <diana@unsw.edu.au>

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow @ Kirby Institute, UNSW

Appointments of the Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Level A or Level B) will be responsible for analysis and modelling of experimental data on infection and immune responses to better understand host-pathogen dynamics during infection.

More information here.

Applications close 19 March 2017.

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10 Mar 2017: Seminar, Jim Pettigrew @ UNSW

This week at UNSW there is a Teaching and Learning Seminar at 2pm on Friday 10th March. Everyone is welcome.

Speaker: Dr Jim Pettigrew, Mathematics Support Hub, Western Sydney University
Title: Equity in Mathematics Education
Time and place: 2pm, Friday March 10th, RC-4082

In this talk I will outline (some) contemporary research tackling the questions of equity, access and disadvantage in mathematics education. I will also reflect on my experience in supporting the mathematical learning of students at Western Sydney University, many of whom are from non-English speaking backgrounds, are the first in their families to study at university, or are transitioning into higher education from disadvantaged educational, social or economic circumstances.

About the speaker:
Dr Jim Pettigrew is currently working as a lecturer at Western Sydney University (WSU) within the Mathematics Education Support Hub. Since completing his PhD in mathematics at UNSW in 2009, he has worked in a range of academic teaching and research roles. His teaching has been broad, covering areas such as developmental assessment for literacy leaders in the Catholic primary school system, fundamentals of teaching for tutors at Deakin University, and first level calculus for science students at WSU. His research work has mostly centred around the development and evaluation of student learning support programs, creation of online assessment systems, implementation of university-wide learning technologies, and analysis of staff and student digital preparedness for teaching and learning.


Please join the speaker for further discussion after the seminar over afternoon tea in the staff common room, Red Centre Building, RC-3082.
Seminar co-coordinator: Diana Combe <diana@unsw.edu.au>

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Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biotech & Biomolecular Science @ UNSW

An ARC-funded project has commenced at UNSW to understand the molecular evolution of pathogens in terms of their natural history. The postdoctoral research associate will work with A/Prof Mark Tanaka to model pathogen evolution integrating the processes of mutation and within host dynamics with epidemiological dynamics. Our objective is to produce a closer alignment between mechanistic models that incorporate the ecology and epidemiology of microorganisms on one hand and genomic data on the other. We will use our models to analyse the accumulation of drug resistance, patterns of non-synonymous variation throughout the genome, and genetic interactions. The successful candidate will work within the Tanaka research group, and work closely and cooperatively with the research group of A/Prof Ruiting Lan.

More information here.

Applications close 10 February 2017.

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Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (3 Positions) @ UNSW, Kensington

The School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW is seeking appointments at a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer level for candidates whose teaching and research interests align with one or more of its existing teaching and research programs (http://www.maths.unsw.edu.au).

There are 3 tenure track positions (5 years) with one position being in the area of Statistics.

More information here.

Applications close 13 January 2017.

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Postdoctoral Fellow in Operator Algebras and Quantum Topology @ UNSW, Sydney

Applications are sought for a Postdoctoral Fellow position in Operator Algebras and Quantum Topology in UNSW Australia’s School of Mathematics and Statistics.

This position is funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant.  The successful applicant will play a leading role within a collaborative research team led by Dr Pinhas Grossman including researchers from:

  • the School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW;
  • the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University, Wales;
  • the Department of Mathematics at Kyoto University.

The core of this project is the classification of subfactors and related tensor categories, focusing on the quadratic fusion categories and their quantum doubles.

More information here.

Applications close 3 February 2017.

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10 Nov 2016: Seminar, Paul Hancock @ UNSW

Title: The Visiting Teacher Fellowship and its Sphere of Influence
Speaker: Paul Hancock
Time: 4pm, Thursday 10 November 2016
Place: The Rex Vowels Theatre, UNSW (not far from the Red Centre building – on the other side of the main walkway a little further up the hill in the Electrical Engineering Building)

In this talk I will be discussing my experiences over this past year as the Visiting Teaching Fellow. I would also like to take the opportunity to discuss my views on the new senior curriculum and the far reaching support network both the school and the past and future teaching fellows can provide during the transition period of the next 4 or 5 years.

About the Speaker: Paul Hancock is this year’s Teaching Fellow at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW. He comes from Woonona High School.

Please join the speaker afterwards for further discussion over wine and cheese in the staff common room on level 3 of the Red Centre, RC-3082.

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24 Nov 2016: NSW FYiMaths Meeting @ UNSW

The next meeting of the NSW branch of the FYiMaths network will be hosted by The School of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of New South Wales on Thursday 24th November with the theme “Feedback and Assessment: starting the conversation”.

Presentations and ideas for discussion in line with the theme are invited from interested participants. Participation in the workshop will be free of charge and BOSTES accreditation is planned.

A conference dinner will held at a restaurant close to the UNSW Kensington Campus.

Date: Thursday 24 November, 2016
Time: 10am to 5pm (arrive 9:30 for tea, coffee and networking)
Venue: University of New South Wales, Kensington Campus
Enquiries: Jonathan Kress <j.kress@unsw.edu.au>

More information and registration here.

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Mathematics Teacher @ UNSW Global Education

Foundation Studies is seeking to appoint an experienced and motivated teacher to deliver the Mathematics (for Science), Mathematics (for Commerce) and Essentials of Mathematics subjects. The successful applicant will have a degree and/or post-graduate teaching qualifications in Mathematics and have experience in teaching Mathematics at senior secondary level (including Extension 1 Mathematics or equivalent) and/or lower tertiary level.

More information here

Applications close: 31 October 2016.

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27 Oct 2016: Seminar, James Gleeson @ UNSW

Title: Student Self-Assessment and Self-Reporting of Mathematical Errors
Speaker: James Gleeson, Brisbane Grammar School
Time: 10am, Thursday 27th October
Place: RC-4082, School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW

Mistake making is a huge part learning mathematics for many of the students that sit in our classrooms each day. Making errors is an important part of learning. Students are constantly reminded to ‘check their work’ and work more carefully to avoid errors. This has resulted in some students becoming quite apprehensive about making mistakes or about attempting work in mathematics that is ‘too hard’. Many students will avoid mistakes by only practicing work that they already know how to do. When errors are made, students will tend to place a cross next to their work and move on without giving it any further thought. This is sometimes inadvertently reinforced when teachers provide similar feedback through ticks and crosses, sometimes supported by a correction in red pen. This seminar presents a potential model for student-centred error analysis and self-reporting of personal error data that is being trialled at Brisbane Grammar School to support teachers and students to develop highly personalised plans for improvement in this important subject.

About the Speaker: James is a teacher of Mathematics and Science at Brisbane Grammar School. He has 12 years of experience teaching Mathematics and Science to students from the ages of 10 – 18, both in Australia and in the United Kingdom. For a number of years, James has been working with students and teachers looking closely at student errors in mathematics and in 2016 he received the Teaching Innovation Award at Brisbane Grammar School with an associated grant to further his study of student errors in Mathematics. James is currently a member of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition action research group investigating collaboration in 21st Century Classrooms and participating in the Independent Schools of Queensland project on Differentiation in Mathematics instruction.

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13 Oct 2016: Seminar, Jonathan Kress @ School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW

The next UNSW Mathematics and Statistics Teaching and Learning Seminar will be next week on Thursday at 4pm. Everyone is welcome.

Title: Improving mathematical communication skills with individualised peer assessed assignments.
Speaker: Jonathan Kress
Time and Date: 4pm Thursday 13th October
Place: School of Mathematics and Statistics Common Room RC-3082. (Red Centre building)

In semester 1 this year an assignment was introduced to MATH1031 Mathematics for Life Sciences to help improve the feedback that students get on their mathematical writing and give them practice with incorporating mathematics in a typed document.  Feedback on this assignment was provided by tutors, using the turnitin grademark interface, and peers using the Moodle workshop tool.

The assignment came in three parts.  The first part involved reviewing a video showing how topics from the course were used by practitioners from their chosen discipline.  In the second part, students had to present typed answers to a unique pair of questions presented by Maple TA and were allowed to check their calculations before submission.  Finally, students had to assess and rank their own work and that of their peers, and in doing so were asked to think critically about what constitutes clear mathematical exposition.

To allow tutors to spend time marking the assignment, basic skills, that were previously assessed in written class tests and marked by hand, were instead assessed with supervised electronic class tests in the Red-Centre labs.

In this seminar I will discuss the motivations behind these changes, how it was implemented and how well it achieved its aims.

After the seminar there will be an opportunity to continue discussion over wine and cheese.

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