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8 – 11 Jul 2017: EISTA @ Orlando, FL, USA

Main Purpose

Relationships between Education/Training and Information/Communication Technologies (ICT) are increasing acceleratingly, sometimes in unexpected ways, with original ideas and innovative tools, methodologies and synergies. Accordingly the main purpose of EISTA 2017 is to bring together researchers and practitioners from both areas, in order to support the bridging process between education/training and ICT communities.

Invitation to participate

In order to accomplish this purpose, ICT researchers are invited to present their research results. Practitioners and consultants are invited to present case study papers and innovative solutions. Corporations are invited to present education/training information systems and software based solutions. Teachers and university professors are invited to present case studies, information systems developed for specific purpose, and innovative ideas and designs. Educational scientists and technologists are invited to present research or position papers on the impact and the future possibilities of ICT in educational systems and training processes and methodologies. Managers of educational organizations and training consultants are invited to present problems that might be solved by means of ICT, or solutions that might be improved by different approaches and designs in ICT. All are invited to organize panels or invited sessions. Panel sessions with panelists coming from both: ICT researchers/practitioners and teachers/professors.

Where: Orlando, Florida, USA
When: 8 – 11 July 2017
Final date for paper submissions: 8 March 2017

More information here.

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24 – 26 Sep 2017: WIMSIG Conference

Celebration of Women in Mathematics
Call for Expressions of Interest

For 2017, WIMSIG is organising a Celebration of Women in Mathematics research conference, showcasing the research of women in the mathematical sciences. This will be the first such conference in Australia.

“Mathematics” will be broadly interpreted to mean the mathematical sciences, including pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical statistics, applied statistics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, mathematical biology, mathematics in industry, etc.

WIMSIG believes this conference will play a really important role in advancing gender equity in Australian mathematics. Both female researchers and senior leaders (of any gender) in our discipline will find it eye-opening and inspiring to be in a majority-female research environment, even for a few days; not to mention the development of potential research collaborations, networking, exposure to potential candidates for hiring, etc.

Information about registration and submission of abstracts will be available soon.

When: 24 – 26 September 2017
Where: University of South Australia, Adelaide

More information here.

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